Benefits of a Running Group

While running in a group may sound intimidating, there are many benefits to participating in a running group. ACCOUNTABILITY We all have that little voice in our head that tries to convince us to skip a workout. Running groups help provide accountability. Others in the group will encourage you to participate in group runs and… Read More »

Tuesday Track Workout

Tuesday Track Workout Centennial High School 5:00 or 5:45 am We had a very light crew last week on July 4th, so I’m re-posting that workout.  Come on out! 1200 meter repeats 1 mile easy jog to warm up, then 1200 meters (3 laps) at 10K pace, then 400 meters easy jog to recover Repeat… Read More »

Thoughts of Hot Chocolate…

I was relieved to hear there were other runners that did not get out this week, including the die hard Seth Oden! As Day 6 of the #NashvilleSnowmeggedon experience is winding down, we are home bound once again, enjoying lots of rest and family time but still haven’t been able to get out to run.… Read More »

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Fa, la, la

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful” This is what I was thinking last Friday night, on the eve of my first time out with Franklin Road Runners. With the snow coming down and so cozy inside, I was wondering about the next morning and how it would all work… Read More »

New Website

The Franklin Road Runners Facebook page has reached almost 500 members.  This milestone is enough to warrant a new website for this amazing running community. My goal for this community site is a place where runners of all abilities and backgrounds can come together and share advice, stories and encouragement.  It can also be a… Read More »