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Thoughts of Hot Chocolate…


I was relieved to hear there were other runners that did not get out this week, including the die hard Seth Oden! As Day 6 of the #NashvilleSnowmeggedon experience is winding down, we are home bound once again, enjoying lots of rest and family time but still haven’t been able to get out to run.  In the past, snow / ice issues have cleared up such that it doesn’t get the “training plan” off too much.  But, this week just hasn’t been safe out there.  I did see one lone runner out on Thursday in McKay’s Mill, taking to the streets since sidewalks were still covered.  (And if that person is reading this, I salute you!!)

In case you missed it, there was a great Franklin Road Runner turn out at the Hot Chocolate Races (5K / 15K) last Saturday, February 14th. The day started out a bit cold for the runners but then warmed up in about the first 3o min. of the run (15K).

Road Runners Hot Choc 1

Road Runners Hot Choc 2

From all accounts, this is a “not miss” race!  Reports coming in cite that this race is a well-organized event, from packet pick up, to the corrals and then the actual race with the added “sweet stations.”  And of course, great quality hot chocolate at the finish line! (The medal and fleece also got thumbs up.)

In addition, the out and back sections in a few places allowed people to see their friends for shout outs and encouragement.

In case you are interested in checking it out ->

And registration is already available for 2016 (February 13th) ->


After having everything winter weather can dish out, and even more than once (sleet, snow, freezing rain and rain), I’ll leave you with a couple of other humorous links as I sip my Hot Cocoa and think of warmer places to run…

Only in TN – corralling a pig! ->

And a look at being home bound for a week:

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Fa, la, la

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful”

This is what I was thinking last Friday night, on the eve of my first time out with Franklin Road Runners. With the snow coming down and so cozy inside, I was wondering about the next morning and how it would all work out. Last Saturday was the inaugural 7:30 AM run organized by Seth – 5 or 6 of us committed to coming out but as the snow continued to fall, the concerns and doubts were rising.

What if…..the car was caked with ice

What if…..I couldn’t get out of the driveway

What if…..the streets were snowy, icy, slippery (yah get the picture)

What if… one showed up!  (the biggest concern)

And last but not least

What if…..the trails were snowy, icy….

Still snowing out when I went to bed, I set 2 alarms and resolved to take it one step at a time the next morning – if any of these became barriers then a decision on whether to carry through could happen then.

Saturday morning arrived.  (Wish I could say I didn’t need both of those alarms but, yeah, I did!)

Snow had stopped – good sign.  (But “What If…..”)

Got all suited up and had 10 min to spare – time enough to deal with the car. Oh, and no caked ice. The car only needed a little brushing.  Alright, on to the next step.

Driveway -> clear…awesome

And beautiful scenery on my way out of the neighborhood.



Streets -> again no problem! All Clear and got to River Park with plenty of time to spare.

Next big step, “People” -> will anyone be there?

Yes! I met Kim first, then Camille and then as we were standing to see if Seth would show up, another runner found us and informed us of the group on the other side of the bridge.  “A Group? Did he say a group of runners?”  Totally unexpected but soo nice to see all the people that turned out!  And then we were off and running…..

…..and…..then…the moments that were worth all of the time spent in prepping and getting there -> running in a very peaceful and beautiful place, one of the best places to be after a snowfall.


All of the “What ifs” melted away and running with this scenery and snow all around was delightful! Being there was worth well worth all the prep!

And the last lesson from this?  Keep your guard up on your footing even after getting off of potentially icy trails – you never know how slick the “post run” breakfast place parking lot may be  :)